Mini-Flashlight or Torch

Mini-Flashlight or Torch Self-Defense Device

There are numerous crimes that occur in darkness. Darkness is also a time of elevated alertness and fear, especially when alone. Carrying a flashlight or torch of any kind is a good idea that may provide numerous options.

mini-flashlight self-defense

The Luman mini-flashlight or torch may be used as a multipurpose tool. As a key holder may also double as a kubaton but with the additional option of providing good illumination.

The Luman mini-flashlight or torch may be used as a multipurpose tool as a flashlight, key ring, and self-defense tool or device.

Your keys can be easily attached to the end of the torch or flashlight. The min-flashlight or torch assists in illumination when trying to insert a key into a lock at a dark doorstep or parking lot and also illuminate dark shadows where a predator may be hiding to improve reaction time. You do not always have your keys with you, but when you do the mini-flashlight provides a dual role with practical self-defense options.

Some flashlights are the same size as a kubaton, which may also have a key ring attached to the shell of the mini-flashlight. House and vehicle keys or key fob can be easily attached. A flashlight-kubaton provides the additional advantage of illuminating an area in and around your car in a dark parking lot, or quickly finding the keyhole at the doorstep to home or vehicle. Using the mini-flashlight is probably a more practical and realistic application than trying to learn how to fight with it.

Mini-Flashlight as a Self-Defense Tool 

Consider using a mini-flashlight or min-torch as an improvised self-defense tool instead of the kubaton. Similarly you do not always have your keys with you, but when you do the mini-flashlight provides a dual role with more practical options. Many crimes occur in low light levels, carrying a flashlight or any kind is a good idea and could be used as an improvised self-defense tool.

A variation of the kubaton is a miniature metal flashlight.The mini-flashlight or mini-torch can also be used an improvised self-defense tool to strike an assailant in various methods. This mini-flashlight or torch can also be used to strike similarly to how a kubaton or The Key might be used. It is long enough to fit within a closed fist to hammer strike or jab an assailant in self-defense. Many styles of martial arts provide further self-defense techniques using the mini-torch or min-flashlight as a self-defense tool. It is not recommended that anyone rely solely on a specific tool for personal protection. Personal training in self-defense is recommend for learning how to use a flashlight/torch as a self-defense tool.

The mini-flashlight provides excellent illumination and can double as a kubaton or striking instrument. If at night, the light beam can also be used as a distraction if you were to shine it into the assailant’s eyes at the right moment and then follow up with a barrage of injuring strikes such as eye, hammer strikes, jabs, thigh-strikes, or kicks. You can purchase mini-flashlights or mini-torches at most department stores or on line.

The Model Mugging Basic course provides reality based self-defense training as the original developers of the padded assailant. Reliance on this tool or others, is not a crutch.

The mini-flashlight, or torch, fits into practical applications for personal safety that allows someone to focus on improving available physical self-defense options when threatened.

Mini-Flashlight or Torch Details


The mini-flashlight can double as a kubaton for self-defense, but with the additional option of providing good illumination.

The mini-flashlight or torch (700 Lumen MAX Zoomable CREE XML XM-L T6 LED Flashlight Torch) is made of metal that weighs 7 ounces and is 6.2 inches in length. This flashlight has a manual button switch operated on the back side for quick activation. Also on the back, a key ring can be added. Although a durable key ring is not included, a thin one inch key ring from a hardware or automotive store can be easily attached to the end where the strap is located.

The push button is preferred over a twist switch because it can be operated with one hand when trying to open a door and manage packages. A half compression can quickly change from a solid light to the strobe feature.

The illumination power is significant giving this tool additional merit and purpose as a utility tool and self-defense tool. The light can temporarily blind an attacker giving opportunity to strike and then escape. The mini-flashlight uses three AAA batteries. The disadvantage is having the illumination dwindle when the batteries run low.

The curves on the front of the flashlight are designed to prevent a fire if the light were accidentally left on while pointed at the surface. This allows the energy and heat of the light to dissipate and not start a fire and also the light would allow a person to see the illumination and remind them to turn it off, also reducing the chance of starting a fire. The metal curves int the front of the flashlight or torch are NOT intended to cut what ever it impacts.

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